I want to personally thank you for taking the time to visit my website. As a consultant, my intention is to assist you in actualizing your vision. As this industry is truly a people-business, we will begin building our relationship with you sharing your needs. As each project is totally unique and highly confidential, I like to personally talk to each prospective client after I have had a chance to review your needs and do some basic research on your demographic area. It is very important that you order the Spa & Salon Alchemy books and then get an idea of what areas I can assist you with!

As a Spa Consultant, Sandra Alexcae believes that Spas and Salons are healing centers, where individuals can come to experience a renewal of beauty, youthfulness, health and wellness and rejuvenation.

If you desire a profitable business, a facility that is built on time and within budget; one that is incredibly unique and offers unforgettable client/guest experiences, contact Sandra Alexcae, the experienced spa consultant right now!

Self – Discovery

The 1st relationship is about YOU- “Know Thyself” and “To Thine Own Self Be True”. A unique personal process to assist you finding out where you are NOW in your Personal Life and Business Life; and where you would like to be. Identifying your personal Universal Cycle and your Purpose is very exciting and gives you forward momentum.   

   Himalayan Salt Lamp                                   Pendulums

Essential Reading For Everyone In The Spa/Salon Industry

written by Sandra
Alexcae Moren

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