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Sandra Alexcae Moren

B.Ed., a spa consultant, author and professional speaker/workshop facilitator with Kyron Spa & Salon Consulting, (a division of Chiron Marketing Inc.) has over 45 years experience in the professional beauty industry.

Tracy L. Friedel, B.Comm., M.Ed

Asokan Project is an Alberta-based not-for-profit Aboriginal organization involved in culturally-focused youth programming and post-secondary business training at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. Our post-secondary business programs cater specifically to a female Aboriginal clientele. Since our inception in 1991, Sandra has been an invaluable, contributing member of our organization, serving as an instructor in our business program and regularly sitting on student selection committees. Her various roles within our organization have involved creating and delivering a wide variety of workshops and seminars that contribute to enhanced personal wellness for female Aboriginal students. To date, Sandra has taught over 350 of Asokan Project’s students in fifteen program deliveries.

Sandra’s enthusiasm for life, her genuine caring, and her wealth of personal and professional experience are the attributes most enduring from the perspective of our students. Sandra’s combination of public school teaching experience and significant, practical business knowledge make her ideally suited for instructing in our post-secondary programs. In striving to set the bar high for our students, it becomes necessary to ensure that instructors are willing and able to function at that same level. In Sandra’s case, she sets an example for all of us. Rare is the chance to work with someone in the business world who values morals and ethics as much as they do profit. Sandra is living proof that these things can co-exist. As a culturally-sensitive instructor, over the years we have found Sandra both willing and able to adapt her teaching methods to serve our particular Aboriginal clientele. All of this while continuing to hold the bar high. It is really the best of both worlds for our students.

Tracy L. Friedel, B.Comm., M.Ed.
Coordinator, Asokan Project

Cindy Fonda, owner

Sandra is a wonderful person and an excellent spa consultant who assisted me on the necessary steps to set up my spa. Her high energy, time efficiency and visionary ability to see the whole project were incredible. Traveling to the location, she viewed the property and building and gave me ideas on the architectural drawings and met with my general contactor. She worked with me on putting the business plan together and met with my accountant. We decided upon and created the initial services/treatments for the menu/brochure.
Sandra has kept in touch and if I have any questions, she is always there for me to discuss different things as the industry is always evolving.

Cindy Fonda, owner
Tara Mia Spa
Niles, Ohio

Fadi Moukhaiber

Sandra"s talent and structure is what we based our business on. This is our third year in business and we have become one of Edmonton's best Spa and Hair Salon's because of the team that structured this concept under Sandra's guidance and supervision. Sandra is very innovative and creative when designing treatments/services for brochures/menus that are instrumental in branding a business and inspiring staff. We thank you again and wish you the best and all the success in the future. I highly recommend Sandra as a consultant for all spa projects.

Fadi Moukhaiber, owner

Karima Suleman


It is a pleasure to tell you more about Sandra Moren. She came highly recommended to us from a friend who is also in the Spa Industry. I have really enjoyed working with Sandra for the planning, development and opening of our lovely Spa in our hotels.

Sandra's expertise, practical and realistic knowledge helped us pull the Spa project together. She worked directly with the architect and designer, co-ordinate contractors, helped us source out equipment and products and created a lovely menu/brochure for our Spa.

I would highly recommend Sandra and Richard from Holistic Spa Consulting to anyone wishing to develop a spa in their market. She will bring lots of knowledge, expertise, and passion to the whole project.

Karima Suleman


Rhonda Anderson


If your aim is to create a first class spa then you'll need Sandra Alexcae Moren...a first class spa consultant! Her knowledge, experience and wisdom make a sometimes tedious process of "creating from ground floor" an inspirational and doable process. If you trust and allow, she'll guide you from a concept to actualization of your dream. Sandra's' books are by far the best and easiest to understand in the genre of spa consulting. Sandra makes creating a spa fun. Although this is not a necessity for a consultant, it is a definite plus!

Rhonda Anderson
Quest Films
Atlanta, Ga. 30040
Fari and Mehdi


We hired Sandra Alexcae for designing our dream spa for the International Academy of Aesthetics. We are more than pleased with the creation of our dream spa. Sandra worked with our architect on the floor plan and she created a wow effect with her design and décor ideas. She also assisted with the restructuring and design of our brochure/menu. Not only did she meet our budget, she went out of her way to save us money and to create the beautiful look we desired.
Anyone who hires her will be more than pleased, just like us!
Fari and Mehdi, owners
Swan Elliott, Owner


I have had the privilege of knowing and working with Sandra Alexcae for over 10 years. As the co-coordinator of the project, she hired me and my models for a 2-month showing of Canadian Fashion Designers in China while I had an agency in Canada.
While residing in Hawaii and since then visiting, Sandra Alexcae has assisted me with many projects, designing and facilitating workshops and business consulting. She is a dynamic and highly creative woman who is totally focused when working on a project. Her ability to build relationships and her understanding of the importance of small details and innovative ideas on marketing strategies are unsurpassed. Her clarity, perception and vision when it comes to business are uncanny! Sandra brings a lot to any project as a consultant.
Swan Elliott, Owner
Donna Palmer R.N., CLS


I am a registered nurse who owns a medi-spa. While I was attending an Esthetic Show in Philadelphia I decided to attend a seminar by Sandra as I was intrigued by the word Alchemy in her book title. After listening to her lecture for a few minutes I knew that the information she was sharing was exactly what I needed.
At the end of her seminar she mentioned her book, Spa & Salon Alchemy: The Ultimate Guide to Spa & Salon Ownership and everyone ran to purchase their copy. After purchasing and reading the book I called Sandra and asked her to come to Philadelphia and assist me with my project. As a consultant, she is 100% focused on the client needs and works endlessly to accomplish as many goals as possible within the allotted time contracted. She exudes integrity, wisdom and kindness. It is obvious that her years of experience in the industry make her more efficient and genuine. I would recommend Sandra to anyone who wants to start their business on a solid base. I consider Sandra a friend, which is hard to find in this industry.
Donna Palmer R.N., CLS
Philadelphia, PA
Marg Freidel


I have known Sandra for many years and have had the opportunity to work on many projects with her. Sandra has an incredible ability to inspire and motivate students and everyone around her.

She has the skill and talent to look at something or someone and assist individuals’ on getting on the right path and doing the required steps for success.

Things happen and get done very fast when Sandra is around.
Marg Freidel
Metis Elder
Moe Rahall


Sandra's inspiration comes from her passion for the spa and salon industry. Her knowledge of the industry, straight forward attitude and commitment of staying ten steps ahead are major attributes to why I consider her a leading spa consultant. I am most impressed by Sandra's unwavering dedication to the projects she takes on...just ensure that you can keep up!

Moe Rahall
Business Development Advisor

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